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August 13, 2016
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Does your website load in 3 seconds or less?

It can be very frustrating to come across a slow website. Almost 70% of the websites nowadays are created on WordPress and having a slow site has become a standard issue for the most WordPress owners. If a website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then, users can get frustrated and instantly navigate away from your website. Let’s have a look at few reasons why WordPress website speed matters.

  • You will lose visitors

The most important reason why you should maintain the speed of your website is to provide an excellent user experience. If your WordPress website is slow, then you will lose the potential customers and more importantly, you will end up losing your regular visitors.

  • Forget the 3 pack rankings

You should know that the Google rank websites with fast loading pages. And, if your WordPress website speed is not good then it will be terrible for the ranking factor. You can lose the current ranking, and it will affect your overall SEO and organic search results.

  • The bounce rate will go through the roof

When it comes to the speed of your WordPress website, then it will play a major role in measuring the user satisfaction. The slow speed of your website can increase the bounce rate which can be a nightmare for any blogger.

  • It will decrease revenue of your eCommerce website

Another important reason why you should take care of your WordPress website speed is the effect it can have on overall eCommerce website’s revenue. If the bounce rate is too high, then it can certainly affect your overall revenue, and you will end up in losing reliable and regular traffic for your website.

  • Fewer customer conversions

If your WordPress website speed is loading slower than usual, then it will result in fewer customer conversions. If you have a small online store managed on WordPress, then you can lose your potential customers. The best way to speed up your WordPress site is to select the quality host and then always optimize your WordPress theme to have a better user experience at your website.

  • It will impact your online advertising campaigns

When you are thinking of running a new campaign, and you want to get as many subscribers, you can then you will end up losing all of your potential customers if the speed of your website is not that good. The frustrated users won’t pay any attention to the subscription messages.

  • It will affect the user experience

Users love to visit those sites that open up within 3 seconds. If your website is taking longer than 3 seconds, then users won’t wait for it. Also, if it is not loading within 3 seconds then it will take a lot of time to load all other pages, and it will leave an adverse impact on the users.

  • Your Website’s SEO is partially based on the speed

You should know that the WordPress website speed is the base for all of your SEO techniques. If your website is loading slowly, then it will affect the optimization and rankings in the search engines. The average searches will decrease by at least 0.3%, and it will have a bad impact on your website.

You can use multiple techniques to speed up your website. You need to select the quality WordPress host, and you should always choose the theme optimized for speed. The other ways to resolve the problem of slow loading is to use only those plugins that you need. Using different plugins can conflict with the codes of the theme and will affect the WordPress website speed.

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