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August 13, 2016
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Good news for all the WordPress website owners

WordPress 4.6 is officially out and with some impressive new and improved features. It’s good to see that the traditional look is getting changed a bit, and it can certainly benefit the users. The latest version “Pepper” is named after the honorable Jazz legendary saxophonist Park Fredrick Pepper Adams. There has been few updates for a better user experience and these updates include, most awaited, font changes.

With WordPress 4.6, now you don’t have to see the same old fonts, and it will give you a native feel on the device you are using. Let’s take a look at few major and minor changes that you are going to experience with WordPress 4.6.

  • Improved Editor

With WordPress 4.6 Pepper release, there are few nifty improvements. If you are adding a link to your blog post and you accidentally updated the wrong URL, then WordPress will notify you about the wrong link. This way, you will be able to edit it again and paste a correct link. So, no more broken links in your blog posts. The WordPress editor will highlight the text with wrong or broken link.

  • No worries of losing data

Many people have complained about losing the data when they experience lost internet connection. With WordPress 4.6, you don’t have to worry about it at all. When you are writing a blog post or adding a page to your website, then your data will be saved in your browser. Upon editing the blog post, WordPress will ask you to restore the backup stored in the browser. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about losing your articles and blog post for your WordPress website.

  • Native Fonts

We have all experienced the problem of fonts, and we have seen some people asking about the font customization in default WordPress dashboard fonts. With this release, WordPress has resolved the issue of fonts. Now you will have the fonts of your WordPress dashboard just as your operating system. Introducing native fonts will help pages load faster, and it will improve the overall usability. These native fonts will make things much better and attractive for all the users.

  • Perform all the tasks on one screen

Well, many have criticized the feature of updating tasks by refreshing the open window each time. Finally, WordPress has taken care of the situation. Now, you can do multitasking, and you can perform all the tasks on one screen which means, no screen refresh after activating a theme or a plugin. Now, you can install, update, activate and deactivate themes and plugins at one screen.

It will certainly save time for all those people who have slow internet connections. So, finally, WordPress 4.6 has resolved some major problems for their users.

Wait! There’s more

The features mentioned above are the most prominent ones in the updated version, and if you are a WordPress website owner then probably it is time for you to test your themes and make them compatible with new WordPress 4.6 Pepper release.

That’s not it. There are some other small improvements that you will notice in WordPress 4.6. Here are few other changes the developers should be aware of and look into it.

  • JavaScript Library Updates are also a part of this new release, and all the WordPress developers should start looking into it.
  • The inclusion of WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query is something that will reduce the the overhead of advanced coding.
  • To enforce validation, Customizer APIs are there, and they will control the validations and notifications.

As WordPress new version is out, now wait for the updates of all the famous and standard plugins. And, then all the theme authors will have to take care of their premium themes. Let’s hope this all will bring a great and user-friendly experience to all the WordPress users. WordPress 4.7 is also in line, and the company is working on it.

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